New Pitching Video

This is a newer video with some updated and hopefully better pitching mechanics.

Any feedback or opinions are welcomed.
Thanks for Viewing

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The biggest thing I see is a lack of momentum and contribution from your lower half. You don’t start forward until after your knee lift peaks. You don’t have enough tempo for my liking. You don’t look intent on throwing hard. I’d want to see you start forward sooner leading with the front hip longer into your stride. Maybe lift your knee to your back shoulder instead of straight up. This is more strenuous to the rest of the body but it will actually take stress off of the arm. You appear to be athletic enough to do this.

By increasing your tempo and momentum, you’ll probably increase your stride length and move your release point closer to home plate.

I have to agree with Roger about tempo and the lack of contribution of your lower half. Your knee lift is done in perfect balance and, in my humble opinion, that’s not a good thing. It’s “static” balance, meaning you’re staying right where you are and lifting. Then it comes back down in a very controlled manner but, again, static balance. You then very casually step forward for a short distance. You need a lot more intent with the lower half. Get your centre of gravity going toward the plate earlier, as Roger said, and make the sideways motion much more aggressive and do that for a longer period of time, thus building up momentum that, hopefully, can be transferred into even more aggressive shoulder rotation upon landing.

I don’t have much of anything to say about the rest. Work on making the stride actually a functional thing, meaning momentum generation over a longer stride, sideways, until just before landing. Right now, your stride doesn’t contribute much, if anything.

are you throwing full strength? to be honest it doenst look like anything but what a pitch would do while warming up. Just my opnion. Its not an insult it just looks like youre not going all out.