New Pitches?

I currently play highschool ball and I was wondering what pitches at this level are the most effective in getting the strike in your opinion?? My best pitches are my 4-seam,2-seam,Curveball and Slider. Is there any other pitch you would recommend to learn??

THe best pitch to learn is a change up. It is the hardest to hit if put in the right spot. I am starting to work with one myself and i have found it to be very effective.

Hopefully, you are in late highschool ball if you are throwing a slider.

If your arm slot is 3/4’s to low 3/4’d I would go circle change. If you are throwing over the top. I would take a hard look at a splitter. Why?

If you are throwing 3/4’s to low 3/4’s you are going to have very good lateral movment on the ball. The fastballs should tail, you should get a
1-7 curveball, and the slider gives you a breaking ball that you can throw with speed, low and away. The circle change gives you another pitch you can use as an out pitch or a good strike two pitch. It should fade away from lefties.

If you are throwing over the top, the splitter gives you a way to get ground ball outs. The big draw back is now you have two pitches that have reputations for being hard on the arm, 3 if you count the curve. I was never a big fan of guys throwing circle changes over the top. They seem to just sit there.

You have to have the right type of hands to pull this off though, Ian.

About the slider, I’m A junior in Highschool 17 years old going to be 18 in August. I can throw my pitches from different arm angles (Sidearm and Submarine) but I throw over the top

If you are really coming from on top, and if you have the hand size, I think the splitter is for you. The reasons I mentioned, I think are very valid. If you want more change of speed, a forkball is just a variation.



What is the difference from the Fork and the Split and why would you use either one? I throw the Fork because it was easy to pick up for me and works good as a Change-up and an out pitch. Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

Big differnece is that the splitter is held out farther and goes faster. The split of the fingers is not as wide. Bruce Sutter’s spun like freaking gyro scope (overspun).

Fork ball is held deep, and the index and middle fingers straddle the ball. The forkball has a slow forward tumble to no spin. It is more of a change up.

Both pitches require long strong fingers, and not everybody can use these pitches. I for one, tried though I might, could not pull off either. At 5’11, I could where a childs medium glove except my fingers were too fat, it was just not going to happen. Controling a circle change was very difficult also.

The tiny hand gave me a hell of a curve and slider though. Every one’s different, what did not work well for me was great for some of my teamates. Ian.

I’d have to say that the change-up is the best pitch in baseball…do you guys agree or disagree?

I think that you could easily make it through highschool with just a fastball and changeup…the changeup can make hitters look silly, and make your fastball seem 10 mph faster. There are many types of change-ups…4-seam, circle change, palm ball…just find one that works. I prefer the circle change because i have great control with it, but it took me a while to find the one i liked.

Ian, it’s funny you say that about your small hands helping you throw your slider and curve so effectivley. I also have smaller hands and are 5’11, but im only 15. People ask me how my curve is so good, adn i never really knew. Now i guess it’s exactly what you say…smaller hand

I believe that and I will take it a step further. I think that with an average fastball and a good change, that you could make it through four years of college and be very successful. In my experience in high school and college baseball, I feel that the change is a pitch that is often neglected but yet when someone throws a good one, the hitters are screwed for the rest of the game.