New Pitches to work for the offseason (need some help)

Hey guys i just finished summer league baseball and im about to start my months break then right back into working out and stuff and i was just wondering could u help see here are my pitches right now 2 seam fastball, Knuckle Curve, Homemade Change up. two pitches i would really like to throw are the Slurve and the palm ball my palm ball i worked on today its looking good. since im still young i was wondering wat the grips were for them just to make sure im throwing them correct and where they supposed to be in the strike zone or do the drop rise curve out? and i was also wondering wat the main purpose is for them i cant find anything on them i know the information is everywhere i just want to hear it from this site.

Also is there any other Breaking ball pitches that can be thought that will completely destroy an opponent HELP please comments would be greatly appreciated!!

What will really destroy opponents is having command of the three pitches you already throw. :wink:

If you can throw those pitches for strikes and to two locations each, you will be very successful.

i have great command wit the palm ball and the knuckle curve the HS coach says its the best knuckle curve he has seen in a long time my change tend to hang it out over the plate and usually gives up big hits im still working on it but my slurve is getting better it tends to go out and up great strikeout pitch on a right handed hitter and the knuckle curve is usually for the heavy hitters and for average hitters striaght fastballs occasionally ill mix it up wit a change up cuz it really throws there timing off the more pitches i can control is perfect fastball usually is inside low but really my slurve is wat im trying to conquer cuz i really wanna throw it but i feel like im not throwing it right so im looking for some help on it!

I agree with Roger. At this stage of the game you have three good pitches, including that troublesome changeup which you can work on further and get really good control of. If, later on, you want to add another pitch to your arsenal—I don’t know how old you are, but if you’re over sixteen or seventeen, you might consider the slider. I learned that pitch when I was sixteen, and the way I learned it I never had any arm or shoulder problems with it.
The most important thing is to keep the hitters off balance. Mix up your pitches—move the ball around, high, low, inside, outside, and CHANGE SPEEDS. And you don’t have to strike out every batter you face. I remember my pitching coach telling me, “Get the ball over the plate and make them hit it. Make them go after YOUR pitch, what you WANT them to hit. And you have good fielders behind you—let them do some of the work and get a few outs for you.” And that’s how you win games. :slight_smile:

Ya the slider great pitch seen it a lot but i kinda wanna bring something new to the table for louisburg i believe not one pitcher in the ten to fifteen years maybe not ever has really thrown the slurve and i want kinda bring it to the school and do well wit it im trying to gain contol of it. ill post a recent video of me pitching and put it on this page to see wat needs work k

Just be aware that a slurve can get hammered by a good right handed batter. If it works now fine but just a fair warning it isn’t the greatest pitch. If a good hitter can pitck it up they can hit a long way. But its up to you.

I’d say don’t throw too many pitches and work on location. Location is something you won’t ever respect until you learn it. If you just look and see which pitches get hit more and harder and they’re always down the middle. The ones on the outside and inside don’t usually get hit as much.

in ur opinion wat is one of the best breakin balls i mean i need another i can settle for three pitches ?

would anyone recommend a screwball?

  1. Don’t try to throw a screwball.
  2. You already throw a breaking pitch.
  3. Work on your command.
  4. Throw fastballs early and often.
  5. Keep hitter off balance with off speed stuff.
  6. Work on the change up.

Here’s my thing. I’m 20, and I play D1 JUCO baseball. I was/am the ace last year, and I don’t throw a real breaking pitch. I throw a “show me” curve. It’s basically a crap curve I will throw to keep the hitter off balance. I throw 2 seam fastballs only, one which runs about 5-6 inches, and the other which cuts 3-4 inches. I throw a circle change, a splitter, and a fork. If you look at it, it’s 5 pitches. If you think it about, it’s 3 pitches + 2 that can be manipulated. Cut/Run and Split/Fork. The curve is rarely ever thrown like I said. I don’t consider it a real pitch. I’ve never thrown it over three times in a game.

I’m telling you to work on the pitches you have, manipulate them, and command them. You only need 3 pitches right now.

Work on command. Work on command. Work on command.

I agree my cousin is a D 1 pitcher for vmi he is there ace he is gonna be a senior next year his name is Chris Henderson. and Ur right but i throw my 2 seam for basically the first two innings my change up is a palm ball basically and my knuckle curve is 90% of the time accurate my 2 seam is great i move it around usually on 0-2 count i throw a 2 seam high and away to try to get them to swing if that doesn’t work i try my knuckle curve i have been throwing the knuckle curve constantly all year in high school no one hit my knuckle curve now they hit but never got on base by hitting it and when summer ball came they started to hit it more and more not too much but u catch my drift and i really only had 2 pitches just learned palm ball not much to it anyway and ya there is ALWAYS room for improvement but i would really like to have a slider/slurve to my pitches to make that 4 which isn’t all that bad cuz i cant keep throwing the knuckle curve it is much slower and breaks more that the slurve does! i guess i really am wondering alright ur getting shelled in lets say the third inning 0 out 2 men on 1st 2nd ur rattled out there and the preasure is on i got three pitches one isn’t really doing to good today and the other two they know when its coming so to have the slurve a faster pitch that the knuckle curve it totally throws the hitter off balance and hopefully gets ya out of the inning.

thanks for the advice and wat does it take to get to college D 1 im talking do u have to have PERFECT grades and what speed do u have to have 85+? idk its time to plan wat im gonna do being a sophomore i have three years to learn all of it and i need to learn now so i can be ready? can u help?