New Pitcher

I am 14 years old in my freshman year of high school. About 3 years ago I played rec baseball in my town, and I SUCKED. At the end of the season we had a party at my coach’s house and some of us played a game. I tried to start pitching and some of my teammates said i should try pitching next year.
Well next year i didn’t sign up for baseball and now this year we are starting a baseball/softball unit in PE. Well I’m throwing the softball (yes we use a softball) and I start to notice my 4SFB somehow has a weird sideways break to it sometimes and a weird downwards break the other time. I’m not even trying to throw sinkers or sliders or curveballs of any kind. Tell me if this is normal or if im doing something wrong please.

im afreshman pitcher to. i wish i could get my pitches to move like that ive tried everything, i would keep throwing like that it would make it harder for the batters to hit the ball hard