New Pitcher

Hello, I’m 15 and going to be a Sophomore in high school next year. I took a 3 year hiatus from baseball after burning out on it from poor select coaching, and decided that going into high school I wanted to get back in to it. However, I was the last of 14 people cut from the Freshman team, so I am playing rec ball to get back in the comfort zone.

When I played select previously I never pitched because I didn’t have enough control over the ball. Well, my rec team needed a pitcher during a double header and with only a 2 and 4 seam fastball I struck out 3, walked one and allowed 2 runs (no earned) in 2 innings. Since then I’ve pitched in 3 games, all with similar results.

I’m hoping to make JV next year, and I plan on playing for select teams as well, and I’m hoping to make pitching a strong suit as another thing to add to my skill set. A little info about my pitches from what I can tell about them from throwing them:

-My 4 seam is a bit faster than my 2 seam
-My 2 seam drops a little bit, and usually crosses the plate on the lower end of the zone
-I tend to throw a bit inside on right handed batters, which I view as a good thing, however sometimes my control is a bit off and I have hit a few this year.
-I believe my pitches are somewhere in the around 60-65 MPH, opposing players have commented on the speed of them and I’m the fastest pitcher on my team, and I’ve seen one other pitcher faster than me so far this season.

If anyone has any tips or advice, I’m more than willing to listen and I welcome it. I came here to hopefully pick up some advice on pitching and to help learn some new pitches so I can become a better pitcher. I ultimately hope to play Varsity in HS and be recruited to a college of some sort, though from my starting point of rec baseball and being cut from the Freshman team it will be hard. Thank you.

Welcome to the boards.

LTP is a great resource, look around and read as much as you can.