new pitcher

hey guys,

i’m 21 years old, and i just picked up pitching. right now i am playing in a 4th class division which is not too good but not too bad either. I used to play second but always wanted to pitch and i am doing so now. but here is the problem I’m new!! lol…i’m always looking for suggestions so far i’ve been told not to push any weights because it will make me stiff, but i need to build up strength. right now all i have in my arsenal is a 2 seam fastball and a changeup…i can find the strike zone majority of the time, but when i got on the mound yesterday i walked a lot of guys didn’t even make it past the 1st inning. any ideas???

Welcome to the forum! Post some of your specific questions in the different sections. We’ll be glad to help!


Your struggles on the mound yesterday could be do to a any number of reasons. I’ll bet it was part mental - just not being used to being in that situation.