New Pitcher with video (not the best video though)

First, I am right handed

I’ve been playing baseball for a long time (27 now). When I was 11 I pitched too much and was diagnosed with tendonitis. After doing some research it looks like I had little league elbow (my inner elbow had a horrible pain that i can only describe as being cold and hollow…cold weather also made it hurt more.) Haven’t pitched too much since then. I have pitched an inning here and there and have always been wild low and away with my arm hurting after i pitched. I play SS and CF and leadoff for my team, but we need someone to pitch so I volunteered.

I read an article on this website stating that being low and away means that you are opening up too early (before reading this website I did not know was even an issue) – which turns out is an issue that I have. I have been working on changing my windup to push my glove side foot further toward 3rd base (during my left knee raise and lowering it has been in line with my right leg) and to also keep my glove side shoulder closed longer which will help with timing. Also, I am trying the leg lift like Tim Lincecum where he aims his left knee toward second base because i am pretty flexible and i have noticed it helps to keep my shoulders closed toward plant.

I have been doing research since Sunday because in the first inning I pitched, I walked 3 batters and could not locate my fastball. Since I could not locate my fastball I did not have confidence in my knuckle-curve, change-up which I am learning or a sidearm knuckleball that I throw. Then the next inning I walked 3 more and came out. I throw about 72 or so which isn’t bad for a sunday league, but my location is horrible. I have been reading that opening up too early kills velocity, so I am hopeful that stopping that helps my arm feel better and gives me more speed on my pitches.

Also, I am in an adult sunday league – some fields have mounds, others do not. Would this create a mechanical issue – for example an arm injury?

Any help, thoughts would be nice. I have been reading through the pitching tips and from what I have seen the main points to focus on are:

take longer during right knee lift
GS leg needs to go toward 3B, then around to plant
keep the right elbow below the shoulder
keep shoulders aimed between the plate and 2nd base until plant (seems to be my main issue because i open up waaay early)

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