New pitch?

I had a 30 pitch bullpen today, and i tried this new pitch where i follow through over the ball (I throw sidearm), and it has spin like a football. It dropped really fast as is reached the plate, and it was about 65 mph. What am i throwing? I might use it next year. Also, there was absolutely no supination involved.

sounds like you’re throwing a sinker from the side. it’s a good pitch if you can find the plate with it. anything you throw hard that looks like a fastball and moves late is an effective pitch

If you’re following through over the ball then you could be putting some topspin on the ball. Because its not a hard, snapping motion like throwing a curveball you get a sinker out of it. I get a lot of natural sink when I throw sidearm too.

Are you sure it is spinning like a football? That would mean that you would have to be cutting the ball one side or the other, which is inconsistent with your follow through.