New Pitch

Ok so I lied not a new pitch I just don’t know what its called.

Ok so you see the horseshoe shape of the stitches on the top of baseball and the line of stitches on the bottom? Well I took my hand and made a U shape with my thumb and pointer finger like the horseshoe and put it inbetween the horseshoe shape and straight line so my hand was only on the leather. Now I took this grip (hand on the bottom of the ball) and threw it like a fastball (first pitch I COMPLETELY missed the target and hit a tree but after that I threw some good ones) and it went to the left and down but it was a pretty hard pitch. Also I supinated (yeah I definitly spelt that wrong) and it seemed to be like a big sinker. Anyone else try this or know what its called?

EDIT: the way I throw it is where I have my pointer and middle fingers side by side and my ring and pinky fingers bent into my hand under the ball not touching it. Also the ball faces upwards with your hand directly under it. I thought it might have been a little unclear the way I explained it before I hope this helps a little more if not just let me know.

when i throw it it acts like a bad forkball

take pictures of how you hold it


My camera doesn’t work :frowning: and I’m and gonna ask my mom to use hers when she gets back but I am gonna try to explain this with picture i found over the internet.

Ok the part of the ball you are going to use is where it says Offcial League(and the sides of the ball) You touch ONLY the leather and not the stitches.

Ok pay attention to the right side of the picture where the R is. You see how the thumb and pointer finger make that U shape? Thats the grip you are going to be using

Ok the only thing this picture is important for is you want to hold the ball from the bottom like this. Now take the U grip you formed and put the bottom of the U over the Offical League symbol or w/e your baseball says and grip the side of the baseball’s leather with your fingers. Your entire U shape will be covering the ball and there will be no space between your hand and the ball like in this picture.

Throw like a Fastball with no supinating or anything (BUT you can supinate or pronate to your hearts desire if you really want too. You might actually wanna try it)

Ok I will try to get some valid pics up later and edit this post but until then I hope this helps. And sorry about these pictures I did try tho.

That’s a grip you can use for a sinker. If you pronate it could act like a screwball, if you supinate it could turn into a slider or curveball.

Well my mom isn’t home yet but at least youunderstood how to grip it. So its kinda like a 3-in-1 type type? Its a sinker/scrweball/slider that’s pretty cool but I donno if it’d be usefull. If you throw full speed and pronate could that hurt your arm like throwing full speed and supinating does?

I re-read your description, and didn’t catch it at first, but you’re releasing the ball with palm up and back of your hand facing the hitter?

Sorry not very good at descriptions. But your gonna release the ball with that skin inbetween your thumb and pointer finger on the Offical w/e part of the leather and your fingers up and on the sides of the baseball. Your palm will be facing the batter not the back of your hand(QUICK NOTE: When releasing your almost gonna make a the shape of a gun [pointed at the bench…I think] with your fingers I’m trying to get pictures up now but I gotta do something with the driver or w/e its called)

Ok I understand it now.

I was confused when you wrote “throw it like a fastball”. Because I thought you meant “releasing” it like a fast ball, as in fingers behind the ball.

With that grip you are already supinated at release. If you supinate any more, you can damage your arm.

The pitch is pretty much a slider or slurve based on the grip and the description of the movement.