New pitch to work on?


I’m 13, I am 5’8" 135. I throw a four-seam and a good changeup. I have good control with those pitches, and have good velo with my fastball. I have tampered with a curveball but it hasn’t really clicked. Any suggestions on what pitches to work on?


If you’re a lefty, I’d recommend a cut fastball and use it to work in on righties and jam them. Or work harder on your curve. I’m recently 14, and about 1 inch, 5 lb’s smaller, and am interested in how you throw the curve. Normally it’s just from kids our age not throwing it with the same intent as their fastball, which is killing the spin / tipping the pitch


im a righty, but have been working on a curve and a cut fastball @mitchsvet im about to turn 14.


well not really working on, but tampering with.


An offspeed pitch would be the next thing you need. Either curveball or slider. Which one is a better fit for you often depends on arm angle. I wouldn’t go messing around with anything more than that at your age. It’ll be far more valuable for you to develop and master 3 pitches then have an arsenal of 7 sub par pitches.


A slider is not an off-speed pitch. But yes, master 3. You can add a fourth when you can throw all three in any count and location.


For the record sliders are an offspeed pitch/breakingball. Pitches thrown slower than a fastball are referred to as offspeed since they’re not the same speed. Yes, people throw sliders hard, but no one throws a slider the same speed or relatively close enough to not be considered an offspeed.


i have a lower arm angle, so which one would be better? @Slider97


How low? I’d probably say slider but you don’t have to pigeonhole yourself to one immediately. Play with grips and feel and find which one fits best for you. Here’s a pretty good look at a slider.


That may the source of your frustration. Commit to it or abandon it. Don’t go half way. Like Master Yoda says, “Do or Do Not. There is no Try.”