New pick off, balk or not?

What if a lefthand pitcher from the stretch lifts his leg to the perfect balance point . Right Leg and knee are parallel to rubber. In neutral position. Now if he steps to third by lowering his leg without any foward movement straight down and back toward third delaying any shoulder or body turn until after his foot lands. Afterward he turns and throws to third. . Please explain if this is a balk and why. This move could be mirrored by a rightly to first.

The move you are describing requires disengaging from the rubber before throwing. All disengagements must begin with the pivot foot first. A righty lifting his leg and throwing to 3rd does not require disengagement. A righty lowering his free foot to the ground would require him to disengage from the rubber before throwing and since he’s already lifted and lowered his free foot, it’s an illegal disengagement from the rubber and a balk.

Now if he were to throw the ball underhanded behind his back without ever having faced the direction of the throw…that’s another issue :wink: I’ve been told that the step to the base can’t be initiated with the heel of the foot, but I could never find it in the rules except 9.03c where anything not covered in the rules is at the discretion of the umpire and that type of move is certainly the definition of the word deceptive and I would rule it a balk…but there is no specific rule against it.