New Outfield glove

Im a soph is high school and I need an outfield glove because thats were i play(besides pitcher) and i dont have an outfield glove. my price range is $200 and under. I would like it to last at least 3 years.

look into a Rawlings “Heart of the Hide” glove. Very good, last a long time. I’ve had mine for 5 and a half years

any glove with decent leather should last you 3 years easily. you may have to restitch it once or twice but other than that u should be good

I got my son a Wilson A3000 two and a half years ago and he still prefers it to any other glove. I recently got him another A3000 on Ebay since they no longer make them, and it is great quality, sold by a former AA player who decided to give up on the dream and had several gloves to sell. You might try that route for a high quality glove with a little bit of use. If you get the right one you won’t even have to break it in.

On the other hand, if I was going to buy new, I think Rawlings HOH or Pro Preferred are the ones to look at first. PP is a few bucks more. But before you buy anything, try out several teammates gloves if you can, and talk to a glove guy at a baseball-specific sport shop. You might even go with one of the several custom glove makers.


GREAT MITT had this for 2 years fell in love with it. in my opinion mizuno makes the best outfield gloves

scholzie23 makes a good point they do make great out field mitts. But im biased with the Heart of the Hide, but make sure you like the feel of a trap eze webb. i got one thinking id like it and i hated it. It took forever to break in the pocket.

have any of you used the mizuno coffee leather glove? it looks sweet and my friend has the $300 mizuno glove and its sweet.