New Nickname

My current nick name is Too-Mutch, I think it’s a sweet nickname but i’d like to here some other options…here’s some help.

Name-Travis Mutchler

Above average speed fastball
Sick "Uncle Charlie"
Good Splitfinger
Change Up

I’m bigger than most players on my team in height and muscle mass.
Off and on between a strikeout pitcher (i struck out all but one guy in a game once) and a contact pitcher (gave up 3 runs in 6 2/3 inn. in all-star tournament and struckout 3 guys, walked 1)

If you need to know anything else just ask (nothing personal :wink: )
If no one answers i wont really care, i’m kind of bored but i’ll listen to any thoughts.

T-Prunk,T-anator,T-N-T Man,TNT just off the top of my head

Let your team give you your nickname. Don’t ask for one.

I’ll just stick with Too-Mutch, how about that.

I dont even know why i posted this, i was bored 8)

how about “Tiny” ?