New member with some clips for review

New member - don’t know why I’ve never visited before, but there is some solid information here…

Anyway, for your thoughts here are a couple of clips of my 14U son. He’s a converted catcher who’s only been pitching for a year or so. He is about 5’5, 140lbs. Has good command. Throws FB, CU, a sweeping curve that comes in 10-4, and is working on control of a 12-6.

He is probably topping out at around 69-70 MPH, but cruising in the mid 60’s. Since he will be moving in to HS next year, he would like to pick up some velocity. I think cleaning his mechanics up - in addition to natural growth will do the trick. In case you are wondering - no those aren’t flippers on his feet. He wears a size 13 shoe, and has hands as big as mine (and I’m 6’3). I’m anticipating a lot of growth in the next couple of years…

Thanks in advance for thoughts…

IMO, he looks ok through his stride. I would like to see him stay taller at knee lift, rather than hunch forward. He appears to lead well with his hips and is capable of getting good separation.

I think past the stride he is stopping alot of momentum and throwing mostly all arm. His arm action is that of a catcher, in that he brings the ball to his ear and appears quick through release without much of his body other than arm.

I would have him work on getting his release point more out in front of his front side.

Turn 22

Thanks for the thoughts. He does seem to hunch a bit and drive forward from that point rather than staying tall and driving. I never really noticed that before, but it seems like that should be an easy fix.

I’ve been trying to get him to get out and rotate more over the front leg. It looks like something to keep working on. I’m trying to come up with the correct way to explain to him what he needs to do. I’m thinking of telling him to try to keep his shoulders moving in a straight line towards the plate for as long as possible then whip them around once the foot has planted and the hips have started opening.

The arm action is a harder fix I think. I’ll probably just see how the other fixes work out and then go back to the arm action if the other changes don’t seem to help with that as well.