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Just want to say I like your articles, especially the pitching grips. My son is 14, 6’3", 200#+, throws upper 60’s maybe lo 70’s. He just added the split-finger because of your article. He loves the pitch and it drops off the table either on the plate or right in front. He hasn’t developed a command of the curve yet but has enough movement on his fastball and a good change that the splitter is making him a bit more nasty. He really needed another strong pitch. He gets instruction through an NPA former MLB pitcher. His growth over the past 2 years make makes him look scary to the 14 and under crowd from 54 feet. No HS ball yet as he just graduated 8th grade. I don’t have a clip but we’ll see about sending one soon.
Thanks again for this type of forum!

What do you feed him!?

The kid eats most anything; pre-game fav food is chicken.

lol just jokes.

If i was 14, i would be very worried if i was batting aganinst him.