New Mechanics

Since October I have edited my mechanics



first how fast you throwing
second I seriously pulled a neck muscle watching the first clip
third looks alot better but I’m no mech expert

84-85 consistent topped out at 87


Is that second video from a perfect game showcase?

yes it is why do you ask?

yes it is why do you ask?

hello? anyone?

HELLO there sir how are ya

joeyt214 are you trying to be a smartass…i asked to have help on my mechanics but no you gotta be idiot.

Well about the video…i would watch this:

That’s roy oswalt, kinda similar to how you pitch (at least from what i can tell). In comparison, you seem to slow down and try to power up.

nah sir i was askin u how u weer doin… but ur mechanics look good… but i oculdnt really see a change from the 1st time to the 2nd… but hteyl ooked solid

hey i cant really tell too much from this angle…a side angle would be easier to tell, but it seems like you pause just a tad especially with your arm action right before your foot plants. its very slight but it seems like just a slight cocking of the arm that may be costing you a couple mphs. if you could get your arm moving in one fluid motion i think it would help. this is from what i think i can see from the angle provided. all in all its not bad and you are pretty explosive.

Overall, looks good to me. I would say that you need to work on decelerating your arm before you hurt something. When you finish, you appear to pull back on the arm in the opposite direction of the throwing motion. This isn’t unusual for hard throwers, but it can cause problems down the road. The pitching arm should finish low and just outside the plant leg, and should be relaxed at the finish so there is very little “bounce”.

Take a look at Nolan Ryan’s clips here. There are a couple that show his amazing ability to decelerate his arm even though he’s throwing it 95+ mph. Do that and lengthen your career I think.

Also, it looks like you stride a bit open (foot lands toward the first base line). , and possibly open the shoulders too soon, though it’s difficult to tell for sure from this angle. I’m just picking nits here, you look pretty good.


You look pretty darn good to me.

The only thing I could possibly see or suggest is when you move the stride leg out…try to keep the toe pointed to 3rd a tad bit longer and keep it going another 6 inches or so to lengthen the stride a bit and then open up at the end. It appears you open the toe towards home a little early…but you still get good shoulder seperation regardless