New mechanics work

Feel free to comment on anything you think I need to work on. I am not offended by criticism.

The 2 main areas I see that you need to improve on is:

  1. Your stride. It looks like you are simply stepping forward rather than striding out. Get your lower half more involved.

  2. Glove side. You need to stiffen the glove side more and get more control, so that you can bring your chest to the glove.

IMO both of these fixes will improve your velocity and make you more consistent to the plate. BTW, you arm action looks good. Nice external rotation.

I’d second those suggestions. IMO those the are you 2 biggest issues based on what I see here, stride and glove side.

Leg drive/stride - looks pretty passive, would work on getting more aggressive with your lower half.

Glove arm - you never really get your glove arm involved. if you look at the video you basically just bring your glove arm out, but it doesn’t really get above your belt line. This creates a couple of issues, one being that your throwing arm and glove arm are out of sync, you really want them working together - what a lot of guys refer to as “equal and opposite.”

Lack of forward trunk tilt - You actually go a really good job bracing up with your landing leg (which is great to see) but you look very upright throughout your delivery here. The lack of lower half power and drive probably contributes to that. Less lower half drive leads to less elasticity in your trunk (less torque/twisting power and catapult effect).

Take a look at this clip of Chapman. I don’t generally advise trying to completely mimic someone else’ delivery, but he’s a great example of the things I’m talking about. Just watch his lower half drive, how elastic he is in his trunk, and how well he catapults, getting his chest over his front foot at ball release.

You can ignore the circle i make around his glove - this was a clip I did for an article I was writing on the importance of good glove arm action.