New mechanics = no more pain in elbow

Roger asked me to post on here and let people know what I changed. I just finished a year at JC after red shirting the year before because of my elbow.

Until I take a vid of myself doing it the old and new way, this is the best I can do.

My arm action was very similar to these two guys, Santiago Casilla and Joakim Soria. When their hands break, their arm drops straight down and fully extends. This puts an incredible amount of strain on your elbow and shoulder. Casillas elbow injury kept him out a majority of the season last year and Soria is on DL as we speak with a bum shoulder.

Now Shields and Morrow are nice, and I actually watched Shields quite a bit to help out my windup.

Notice how these guys bend their elbow as they go back. They have a much more compact motion and never fully extend their arm until they are releasing the ball. This causes no strain on the elbow or shoulder.

I tried a modified version of this and it worked like a charm. I just broke my hands a second later than I used to and my arm action was perfectly in sync with the rest of my body.

Hopefully this helps somebody with some elbow pain.

Thanks for posting this, LightsOut. I’m going to guess that there was more to your changed delivery than you described. For example, breaking your hands later may very well have improved your timing by getting you to delay shoulder rotation a bit.

BTW, I certainly don’t expect nor want you to videotape yourself throwing the old, injury-prone way.