New League about to start


An official league is about to start !! And im gonna pitch for my team.If we win this league we get a chance at a european tournament. So things changed and im gonna train with my catcher some days but most days i wont even have a baseball .SO what to do on those dead days? Will be playing matches every second weekend or every weekend. so i have 5 days or 10 days before 2 matches.Im self trained.

Here is a video with my mechanics. What to do to get prepared.(We got no coach im kinda the coach since i know more things than the others in my team) .I got a healthy arm. throwing around 75 maybe 80 mph on the fast ones.Got 2 pitches fastball and a good curveball.I started baseball 1 year ago.I live in greece .So any info from expirienced coaches on what do they advise me to do .I need to get better during this league i got no off season. @Coach_Baker i tagged you since you are the person with the most info about me and i agree with many things youve said on different topics.The league will last till end of december. So any general strategy. Im going to be pitching most of the games.


As your team’s coach, you are now the head coach, and as such you should carry the title of Skipper. This title may not seem like much - but, it is a time honored tradition in this game to refer to the head coach of any baseball team as its Skipper. I am not head coach material, although I’ve filled in that place when my Skipper(s), bench coach(s) and other on the ladder, have been politely asked to leave.

So, first things first - Congratulations Skipper.

Ok, lets get some information -
(1) Have fielders been assigned or designated yet? By fielders I mean who plays 1st, 2nd, outfielders and so forth.
(2) Have you assigned a batting order? Who bats first in that batting order, then who bats second, and so forth.
(3) Has this league published rules to go by? Are you using The “Official Baseball Rules” governing all professional play in the United States and Canada, including the World Baseball Classic.?
(4) Are you aware of the “meeting at the plate” by the head coaches of the two teams playing, and the umpire crew?
(5) If you’re the home team, do you have enough baseballs to supply the game with? This can vary from just a few dozen baseballs to many dozen baseballs. It’s been my experience to supply about 5 dozen for a nine inning game.
(6) Does this league have a mercy ruling? This means if one team is behind, like 12 or 14 runs, the game is called and playing stops. Hence, the term mercy.
(7) Will your league use any composition for bats? Anything different from wood, gives the pitch different product off the bat. You should know up front what you’re about to deal with, for “small ball.” Do you understand the term “small ball?”
(8) Since you’re doing most, if not all of the pitching, do you have a backup pitcher to bring in when your team is losing without any possibility of recovering? This kind of pitcher is called a “sacrificial pitcher.” This guy goes into the game knowing that he’ll be knocked about pretty good, so he does his best, BUT, his best is for nothing. I know this sounds out of sorts, but it gives you, the best arm on the club, a rest when you know your all going down anyway.
(9) Does you eating habits restrict your consumption of certain foods? Does you religious, social or other influences restrict when you can eat, and in what amounts or even how?
(10) How are the members on your club selected? Are there members on your club who are related?
(11) Are you playing against other clubs who live near and work with your teammates?
(12) Where do the umpires come from? Who qualifies these umpires?
(13) Do the playing fields that you’ll be on have fences or walls that indicate fair and foul boundaries? This is especially important for discussing ground rules and outfield limits.

So, lets start here, then work our way to bigger and better things.


As you consider these questions, keep in the back of your mind this very basic proposition of this game:
Everything you do as the club’s Skipper or its pitcher, finalizes itself in 90 feet (27.432 meters), EVERYTHING.

Don’t dwell on this too much right now, but you may find yourself holding down the Skipper’s position more often than pitching. Either way, baseball is all about 90 feet (27.432 meter) increments. So every decision you make, will either work for you, or, against you, 90 feet (27.432 meters) at a time.

jam, I’ve got to handed it to you, you’ve taken on a gutsy thing here. I mean for a guy who just started playing this game, at your age, to accept putting together a club that’ll compete in a new league, is not everyone’s glass of Primus Zitsa.


thanks on your copliments.So. Im gonna sort the positions by the end of the week.and the batting order.We go by the official rules.No designated hitter for the pitcher. We do have a mercy rule.The supplies are ok.We use aluminiuim bats.I do have a sacrificial pitcher.My eating habits do not restrict me of anything.Umpires are greeks from the same town most teams are Athens.Only my team is not from there.the ball park has really good standards was made for the olympics when baseball was in.


Hello there Skipper. How are things going for you and your baseball experience?



Tell us more about this new league. I may be in a unique position to help you.