New Job Congratulations!

A young coach got a shot at taking over the reins of his own club, so he jumped at the opportunity.

The retiring coach welcomed him and congratulated him on winning the job.

After showing him to his new office, introducing him to his coaching staff, he motioned the young coach into the team conference room and proceeded to close the door for a private talk.

“I’m going to pass on a little secret to you son”, the old coach said. “I’m going to leave three envelopes in your office desk that will help you along the way. Open them, one at a time… as marked…1, 2 and finally 3 when you get into a jam.”

So, with a handshake and a pat on the back the old coach left, wishing the young coach well.

As time went by, things weren’t going so well. So the young coach went into his office, shut the door, drew down the blinds and opened his desk and picked envelope number # 1. And it read:: “ Say that your knew here… it’s gonna take time for you to get acclimated… do things your way… get the program going in a new direction…”

By golly during a meeting with the GM and his staff… they bought it!

A few more months went by and things were getting worse. I mean really bad. Again, into his office he went, locked the door, drew the blinds and pulled the drapes, and read envelope # 2. And it read:: “ Say your staff is not willing to change… it’s all their fault,…no cooperation at all… you’ve got to make heads roll!”

By golly during the next meeting with the GM and his staff… they bought it!
A complete new staff, offices redone, new paint on the walls and everything.

A couple of months later, the club had lost 40 straight games, the bank was ready to foreclose on the stadium and the mascot quit.

He went into his office, locked and boarded the door, drew the blinds and
sewed the curtains closed, opened a bottle of Kentucky mash, opened his
desk draw and reached for envelope #3. And it read:: Make out three envelopes.

haha…lol that was an interesting story. I didnt know where u were going at first but figured it out when i read the mascot quit and the stadium was ready to forclose it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s an old joke that’s bounced around club houses for years. I think it dates back to when there was a club in New York called the Knickerbockers.

Any way, it’s also a club house gag - somtimes, when a new manager or head coach or even a head pitching coach, batting coach, etc.

Somtimes the guy gets a small office of wall to wall cinder blocks, a metal door that’s been turned around backwards…redrilled and hung. It’s only when the new coach closes his door does he see the printing on the inside of his door that says…“JANITOR”.

Anyway, as the new coach settles in… he’ll naturally open all the draws in his metal desk to see if anythings in it. finding three envelopes marked #1,#2, #3 starts the ole …“hummmm I wonder what these are?”"

By the time he opens #3… a roar of laughter comes from the locker room… along with …“well, now he’s offical!!”.

It’s a great gag.

Coach B.