New here, Dad of a pitcher


Hey everyone, I stumbled across this forum a little while ago and ghosted for a bit gaining great info. I’m at that point in my life where I get to watch my son play this game! He is an 8 year old travel player and actually pitchers pretty well, which raises the scary level for me. I keep a close eye on pitch counts, we ice and stress mechanics and doing it right more than anything. I’d like to use this as a hello and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Below is a link to a video of him throwing about a week ago.


Congratulations on getting to watch your son on the mound. It’s my favorite thing to do, too. I’m not qualified regarding his mechanics but his velocity is good for an 8-9 yo. My advice is to keep working on pounding the strike zone over all other things. My son is 15, and I still see most games are won by the kid that walks the fewest batters. Yes, sometimes the kid throwing strikes will get lit up, but overall will be most successful in the long run. Continue to watch the pitch counts and number of bullpens, especially as he starts to grow and mature. Mine lost a season due to injury even throwing fairly conservatively. Intervene on his behalf if he experiences pain, and have fun watching him grow.