New here and just back from my first start

Hi, I’m shaun and i’m 14 years old. I play travel here in md. I asked my coach to pitch a few games ago, and he said he would pencil me in. He didn’t know that I never pitched before in my life. He asked me to show him what i can throw and i started getting nervous and throwing wild pitches. He said it was ok and if I do that he would take me out of the game. He let me pitch the first inning and I walked the first two. The next batter got a hit. So did the next one. Then the next guy walked. But after that, I struck out three in a row. Any tips on what young pitchers should always remember when up on the mound?

I would tell you to not worry about how hard you are throwing and just worry about throwing strikes. That is the most important thing to learn at first.

Just what (arguably the greatest southpaw ever) Sandy Koufax said, “I never became a good pitcher until I quit trying to strike everyone out and just tried to make them hit the ball!”