new guy

Hi, i’m 6’0", 130, and i’m having some trouble. I play for 7th grade, and i throw 55-65. I throw change, fastball, slurve. I’m a closer, but i need a good 1-2 pitches that i can work off of. Do i need more weight to throw harder?

You’re 6’0" tall and in 7th grade! I’m 5’3" and in 7th grade and I throw the same speed as you.

i can’t fall of the mound.
i need 20 more pounds

Your 13. Dont worry about weight. When you get to be 14 or 15 start weightlifting, youll gain any weight that you need. Youll probably gain 20 lbs naturally from puberty

What do you mean you can’t fall off the mound?

Ps. you don’t want to fall off the mound in your motion.

like i can’t drive off. I need to use my energy to drive off the mound. Following through is hard for me. There haven’t been many major league pitchers who are really thin.

You will develope overtime and get stronger and better.

I’m going to guess that you just recently grew several inches. You need to get used to your new frame in order to use it efficiently to create velocity. Coordination of movement will soon get your velocity up. As you finish puberty, you will put on some weight and you should have a chance for your height to stabilize.

Just keep throwing and keep working on fluidity of motion and pushing your maximum effort boundaries.