New guy

Hi everyone

I am 16. I play high school baseball in the spring and legion ball when school gets out. I throw right handed with a sidearm delivery. Every ball, except for curves and what not, that I throw tails in and i have different fastball grips to get more movement. I have no problems with commanding my pitches, but I don’t throw very hard. I am about 6 ft and lanky. Any tips to increase velocity?

2 seam
Tailing fastball (more than 2 seam)
3 Finger Change

Thanks in advance!!

…or wherever you’re from: Welcome to the growing sidearm Fellowship of the Bump! Good to have you with us—as you well know, we sidearmers have to stick together.


Welcome to the board’s, search around and you’ll get tons of ideas for increasing velo.

If you want the best results from the board post a clip of your mechs for some specific feedback.

Welcome. A brief warning, I do find the sidearm delivery effective when I need strikes, but 97% of my pitches are delivered from submarine and they get whiffed at…ALOT.

That we do Zita. I am going out of town this week so when I get back I will try to post some videos

A word of advice, or warning, or whatever, from the late great Early Wynn: He said that the mound was his office and he didn’t want anyone messing with it. :slight_smile: