New grips


I’m 14 yrs old and at the moment i throw a 4 seam, 2 seam and a changeup and id like to put another pitch to my arsenal has anyone got any ideas


What’s your arm slot? That may make the decision for you.


normal high arm slot


Probably check out a curveball. For a 14 year old, high arm slot, curveball might be the best new pitch. If not, continue to improve your pitches in terms of movement, velo, and command.


Knuckle curve, too.


a screwball


I’m a 15-year-old righty and i throw a screwball


Try a cutter. Grip it just like your Four Seam fastball but just shift your index finger two stitches over so your index and middle fingers are touching (about 1 millimetre or two). Apply pressure and throw it just like a fastball with same arm speed and arm action as your fastball


@oliver.brissett48 throw it HARD