New glove?

I am currently looking for a new glove, but I don’t have $300 to spend on one…Does anyone know were I can find one for a decent price? :slight_smile:

do you literaly mean $300? or is that just a figure of speach saying that you dont want to spend alot? if u want a good one under 300 then go for a heart of the hide or a wilson a2000

can’t go wrong with the mizuno classic pro series. those are $169

Heart of the hides are good too

Rawlings heart of the hide series.
Range from 160-180 very durable, keeps shape.
Great buy


I have a A2000 and I’ve had it for 3 years. If you oil any A2000 or Heart of the Hide you can have it for a long time. Both the A2000 and Heart of the Hide gloves are right around $200 so for how long you could have it its well worth it.

What positions will you be playing with it. We get gloves for free at my university and I might be able to help you out. We are under Wilson contract. I like the new a2k and the B2.

Another old post that has some relevance at this time of year. What are some gloves you like by position?
I like an 11.5" H-web for middle infield, an 11.75" closed web for 3B or P, any large flare shaped stiff glove for outfield. Rawlings heart of the hide or dual cores are just what I like for infield and I have a +30 year old A2000 for outfield play.