New Glove

I’m looking at a new glove for pitching. I like a stiffer leather. I’m looking at either a primo or pro preferred. I had a A2K but the leather is too soft what glove would you recommend?

When I played in high school and college, I used Rawlings Pro Preferred. After college I switched to Wilson A2000 and loved it.

If you are looking at Rawlings now, I would go with the Pro Preferred. It’s a little cheaper than the Primo and will have that stiffer feel you are looking for.

Either way, Rawlings and Wilson both make great gloves.

Here’s my current glove - Rawlings HOH Pro Mesh 12". I seriously love it, and not many have it, which makes it even better :slight_smile:

I was looking at the HOH Pro Mesh with the trapeze web. I wasn’t sure the stiffness or how well the mesh would hold.

Let us know which glove you end up getting and how you like it. There’s nothing like new leather to get the blood flowing a little extra.

It’s a super lightweight glove - that’s what is most appealing to me. (Wilson’s and even the Pro Preferred and Primo Rawlings all feel a little too heavy for me.) All these gloves will last a few years. In college and pro ball, though, I tended to get 2 to 3 new ones a season.

Torn Labrum so no new glove for me for a while.

Wow, hope you come out of this stronger than before. On the glove I like the TPX gloves, hard to break in but really solid long lasting glove.

I saw those i really liked the TPX pro flare. I start the process in two weeks the initial diagnosis is torn labrum we will see for sure after an MRI.