New Glove!

Just got a new outfielders glove and am pretty excited, this is kinda random but im just pumped for my high school tryouts lol.

here is a pic

that’s a nice one :wink:

thats gonna be a great glove! How much did it cost?

got it off of ebay for like 180

Love the smell and the way a new glove feels?

Sooooo. Did it break in nicely?
How did you break it in?
Did you put it in a bucket of water? :lol:
Did you throw it in the oven :twisted: lol You better not of. :smiley:
anyways, let me know how it worked out for ya…

By the way, How was tryouts?

its tough to break in but thats because its such a high class leather haha and i have not tryed out for baseball yet due to me playing basketball the coaches will not let us play both at the same time. :frowning: