New Glove for my son


One thing I very very rarely see on here or any forum is a discussion of the right kind of glove to use as a pitcher. My son (14 years old) finally hit the growth spurt everyones been warning me about and his newfound size and arm strength makes him a prime candidate for the mound. Obviously the season is over so now we go into training mode and there is not better time to break in a glove. I bought my son one of the new Akadema series gloves ( this one: It came in last week and I couldn’t be happier. I’m a little nervous about the webbing but I think the flexibility outweighs the possibility that a 14 years could be stealing pitches. Anyway, we love it! He loves it most importantly and its breaking in fast. Any other pitchers using Akadema or the open web?


As a coach/instructor, I have a 12" Akadema glove. I also have an Akadema catcher’s mitt. The glove broke in easily but it is a bit heavy - ok for a coach. The mitt doesn’t get used much and has never fully broken in.

I really like the Akadema Praying Mantis catcher’s mitts (which mine is not).


First post. Welcome. You wouldn’t happen to work for Akadema would you? :eyes:

I wouldn’t pitch with a open web glove. I also wouldn’t wear Levi’s jeans to a pro baseball tryout. Seen both. Glad you found something that works.


My son has an Akedema Praying Mantis catcher’s mitt. It’s a great mitt though we bought it used, and I mean well-used. I’ve asked him several if he wants a new one and the answer is always “no.” My son uses an A2000 with the T-web when he’s on the mound. I’ve never believed much in the ability of a hitter to pick up the pitch from 60’ looking through a 1" square opening…but that’s just me.


is there a difference between different glove brands like Nike, Rawlings, Wilson, and Akadema ? besides the brand


Yes, there are some key differences in some areas and not so much in others. A glove’s weight, the leather used, the webbing, the fit in the hand, break-in time, its ability to keep its shape, etc.

My favorite glove of all time was Zett – a Japanese glovemaker who had a brief presence in the U.S. market back in the 1990s and was used by Mariano Rivera for a time. They had a 11-3/4 glove that I used in high school and college that kept its shape, was the perfect weight and leather. In pro ball, I used Rawlings supplied by my agent – most players get their gloves from whichever manufacturer their agent has a partnership with. Some of the more recent Rawlings pro mesh gloves are awesome.


in your opinion do you think Nike is better than Rawlings?


You might not be able to see the pitch grip in an open web glove, but you sure can see hand movement, indicating the changing of the grip. My 10U can pick up kids digging for an off-speed pitch.