New glove advice - 11yo Pitcher

Hope I’m not opening a can of worms here, but my son is starting to focus on pitching and it’s time to get him a dedicated glove (he’s using an outfielder’s glove that’s too big).

He’s a tall 11yo (12 in August), just over 5’5" and pretty big hands. His pitching coach recommended an 11.5 to 11.75 and offered that Rawlings Gold was what he used up through high school. Part of the problem is that my son is a lefty, so going to the local stores is usually an exercise in futility so I’m probably going to order online.

In the Rawlings Gold, I see one with pro-mesh, which we were advised against, and an Anniversary Series, which seems like it would work. But before I do this, I’d love to know if anyone has experience with this series or others that they can recommend.

Appreciate all advice and apologies if there is a similar thread that is still active.



The Wilson A2000 SC-ASO 11.5-inch glove is terrific for serious youth pitchers:

It is identical to the regular A2000, with the same thick Wilson leather, but is cut a bit narrower in the pocket to conform to youth hands. Wilson discontinued this glove just recently, which is a shame, because I don’t know of any other high end glove that has a version specifically sized for youth hands.

My 10 year old lefty son got this glove last Fall and it’s been great. It’s a larger and heavier glove than his previous glove (a Rawlings), and I was concerned that the leather might be too stiff, but it has broken in fairly quickly.

Rawlings Gold Glove, 11.5 is what my 15 year old uses in HSV baseball. He’s a pitcher and plays 3rd base. In my opinion, for the price, you can’t go wrong with this glove.

I know Rawling’s offers some of their HOH series gloves in youth sizes, I’ve seen a few kids in the area with them.

He’s a tall 11yo (12 in August), just over 5’5" and pretty big hands. Thanks.


Conside an adult glove since he’s already 5’5" and growing. I bought my son an adult 11.5" Rawlings when he was 10 and he loves it at 12. It’s too small for anything but pitching. At the start of this year he wanted a larger glove, but after a few games he no longer wants a new glove.

The Rawlings “Heart of the Hide Series” is listed on the Rawlings website only in the “Adult” glove category; the “Youth” glove category doesn’t show a HOH glove. Most serious players in the 10-12 age group have nice gloves and almost all are simply adult gloves, which may explain the HOH gloves you see in youth players.

I may be wrong, but the Wilson A2000 SC-ASO 11.5 is the only high-end (~$200) glove I’ve seen that offered a version with a narrower pocket specifically for youth hands. Like I said, Wilson unfortunately appears to have discontinued it, but here is a link to Wilson’s website in 2011 when it introduced the glove (may open slowly):

However, it is still available at various online stores; I may buy another as a backup in case my son loses his.

I recommend Rawlings select pro lite, my son loves using this glove. This one is light and easy for my 9 year old to catch and maneuver. Looks like it is a good quality for the price.