New forum features

Obviously, the forum’s got a new look. But it also has some new features that I hope you’ll find useful, which is why I had to change the aesthetics.

  1. Related Topics: Now at the bottom of each individual topic you’ll find 5 related topics. It’s a nice feature in theory. But I’ve found that the topics don’t really relate most of the time. I’ll keep monitoring this.

  2. Enhanced security: Knock on wood, but we’ve been able to eliminate spam bots. You can’t see it, but I’ve added some additional features to stay ahead of the game.

  3. The Search feature is enhanced. See the second tab from left on the forum menu bar to use this feature.

  4. Still working on sub forums, which will give us the ability to focus on specific topics within, say, pitching mechanics or pitching workouts.

I’m very appreciative of your feedback and suggestions over the past few months. Pleas continue to use the “Suggestions & Feedback” forum at the bottom of the main forum page to keep me updated on changes/improvements you’d like to see made. They’ve made a big difference.