New drill

Recently, in correlation with the Hersheiser drill, I have my son throw from the stretch, while positioning his feet similar to the Hersheiser Drill. His plant foot is against the rubber with his stride foot behind the rubber.(legs crossed) I have him set, position his butt more towards the plate, lift, stride, & throw. This seems to ad comfort in falling toward the plate with his butt first, speeds up the lower half, thus increasing velocity as well as control.

Is my thinking correct???

Ron Wolforth calls that the Hook Em number 2 drill. It works.

good to have some advice on drills, thanks.

The NPA calls that the “crossover drill”. And your thinking is correct.

Besides for the hersheiser drill and the crossover drill my son uses this drill, he calls it “the bucket drill”. His pitching instructor uses it to energize the right leg off the rubber and to get into a good fielding position.