New developements

So I started my baseball clinic for winter and there’s been some new developements:
I dropped the slider. too hard to control. At the clinic my pitching coach taped 2 baseballs together and had us throw it with your fingers across the botum baseball. it actually helped me keep my hand on top of the baseball (if i dont i throw it too much like a slider naturally) and i make an effort to always warm up with that and it’s helping with my control over the curve alot. As i said before ive also dabbled with the screwball a bit. in the actual center i use it mainly for one person. the guy who taught me to hit last yr and hes just about the best hitter there. I try to pitch as inside as possible to him so he wont get his bat around. and so far the screw has helped alot. my splitter is getting meaner by the day i can still get guys to swing at it in the dirt. and its even better now that ive added to my pitching arsenal theyre less likyl to hit me hard (before all i had was fastball and splitter). Overall im having a blast

so did you throw any fastballs at all?

Yes sir. I use it to set up my breaking pitches. Get them used to fastballs and bam a breaking ball. or i use it alot like i use my screw…to jam hitters
(i throw a 2 seam fastball btw)

I just pitched on monday at my highschools camp and Since I had just pitched on saturday it took my arm a few minutes to warm up. I can actually remember when it started to warm up too. I was pitching against one of there varsity batters whos played Var for 3 years now. I threw 3 balls ina row ( 2 of them were close). I didnt want to talk him so i buckled down. Curveball, fastbal… splitter… all strikes… 7 strikes in a row atleast. He kept fowling em back until he hit a week grounder off of my splitter. I just felt my pitches get sharper each time i threw. Then I faced another one of their top guys and i struck him out twice. back to back. Mixed it up well… the first Strike out i threw 2 fastballs… a curve then a splitter for the K. The second strike out was a splitter… curveball and high fastball for the K. I suprised the pitching coach. afterword he walked over to the Var coach and asked him if he saw me pitch… which he of course didn’t hahah

I’m sure your pitching coach filled in the varsity coach on the important information about your pitching so not to worry about the varsity coach not seeing you pitch.

In the future, if you find yourself in a situation where it’s hard to get warm of extra warm-up is warranted, don’t be afraid to throw your first inning in the pen before the game. In other words, throw an inning’s worth of pitches and maybe throw to simulated batters. (Note that this is in addition to doing your normal warm-ups.)

Will do. thanks for the advice. I forgot to add that I may have rushed my warm ups. I didnt have much time to throw.

So I went to my baseball camp yesterday and I Got to pitch again… it’s weird… i think I suprise everyone when I pitch because I dont throw hard at all but I make up for it with control and movement like ive said before. I had to face like 5 or 6 guys during this session and I Must have thrown about 20 at bats. They were suprised when I’d come with a 3-2 count curveball or splitter . Im so confident in any of my pitches now that I can throw them at any given time for strikes. there were a couple times that I would throw a splitter for a strike or curveball in a 3-0 count or 3-1. Im not a strike out pitches either…i say it proudly… im a ground out- pop up guy. I talked to one of the batters after the session and he told me that I had them all fooled… none of them knew what would come next.

sorry for the rant… heres is my 2 questions
#1 I have noticed that since ive added the curveball to my bag-o-tricks that I can pitch with no pain… even if i had some sorness left over before It doesnt hurt one bit while I was pitching… in my session The catcher actually had to ask me if my arm was ok because I was throwing so much and I felt prefectly fine. Is this bad? should I be worried? can pain or something else just hit my out of the blue?

#2 I have a baseball session on monday for my highschool and I pitched last week for them but I want to do it again to show the var coach im the real deal. Should I? I have some soreness but I can work throught it. what do you think? would it be dangerous since i threw to about 20 or more batters on saturday?

thanks for reading my lengthy rant

double post my bad

I’ve never heard of curveballs taking away pain. That is unless by throwing the curve you’re throwing some other pitch less - that other pitch being the one that caused pain.

So let’s assume you threw about 80 pitches on Saturday (4 pitches per each of 20 batters). Throwing on Monday means you will have had only 1 day of rest and that’s really not enough. However, if this is a special situation that could affect your making the team, then it may be worth extending yourself this one time. But only you can decide that. Are you expecting to play on varsity? Or are you trying to earn a spot on varsity? If not, then pitching for the varsity coach might not be worth the risk. One other thing to consider, your varsity coach might actually be just as impressed by your taking responsibility for your arm. But that would depend on what kind of person your coach is.

If you decide to extend yourself, you still need to keep things within reason. You shouldn’t be afraid to let the coach know you pitched recently and can only throw a certain amount (determined by you).

better be careful. nothing can protect your arm when you’re fatigued from throwing too many pitches with too little rest. you are just asking for a strained rotator cuff or tendonitis which is a minimum 6 weeks on the dl.

if you throw, i would throw no more than 15 to 20 pitches no matter how good i felt. i wouldn’t throw on monday. i would wait till wed. with a 70% bullpen on monday with no pain.