New Consistent Mechanics After a long Hiatus. PLEASE COMMENT

Getting ready for my HS Junior Season. Please Take the time to watch all 6, There are only a 2 fastball clips and i am looking to upload more soon! I Thanks for all your supportive Feedbacks! God Bless!

I took a look at all your videos, you look like you have pretty good mechanics. I’m not sure you are looking for comments or what, if those mechanics are pretty well set are you looking for the next strep?

Ray…have you been working on any of the things that were recommended?
Right now it is important for you to build a plan to get where you need to be. Lanky Lefty mentioned two critical elements and I believe I directed your thoughts in a direction also. Don’t screw around with time.
Are you actively getting stronger? I mean right now are you working a conditioning plan to gain strength? If not ask for a sling for Christmas, you’ll need it.
If you don’t have the foundation the house is going to fall…stop searching and start moving.
Find some good shoulder and elbow conditioning technique, do it.
Get a good and adjustable conditioning program. Eat right. Rest properly. Throw, throw, throw. Look for repeatable, efficient mechanics. Rest properly, work like you’ve never worked and things will come clear. Now depending on where you live, the season is coming on quickly…pay attention…KEEP YOUR GRADES UP!..and while all this is happening…have as much fun as you can squeeze in.

I would advise some intensity. Light a fire under your butt cuz it looks like your moving in slow motion. Arm speed doesnt just happen, you gotta make it happen.

I have to agree with hinkie. You gotta light the fire. your mechanics look ok, except for the drive. You appear to have little drive off the rubber and little arm speed.

jd hit it on the head. You need to start now. The season will be here shortly. Honestly, if you aren’t condiioning now you’re way behind the curve. You should already be working on strength and conditioning or you may not last an entire season.

Best of luck to you.

sorry guys have not been on the site for awhile. As for conditioning, i have been working hard ever since the summer. During summer ball i would go to the gym on my off days. starting in september i continued with 5 days a week training at the gym day 1- upper, day 2 endurance and stability, day 3 lower, day 4 endurance and stability part 2, day 5 (dont laugh) yoga. bsides the main workout of the day, every workout day consists of an hr worth of cardio, and core workouts. the last two months are here and i will be pushing the hardest for the next 8 weeks to come. If baseball were to start this week i would be ready conditioned wise no doubt, however its time to put the skills back to work and that is my main focus. I have been working and improving on the same windup, just with more explosion. Goood Luck guys and thanks for your advice. I have taken to heart all the information you have given me and have been working to put them into physical motion, thanks and good luck to all of you and happy holidays!