New Coach I Suppose?

Situation: A friend of mine played highschool ball. He plays on and off and is a great pitcher. He throws 70’s right now with little training. Great potential, not talent. He recently wanted to get serious and knows I stick to this site like crazy trying to be a breaking ball pitcher. He asked me to help manage. I need Help.

As you know, I’m still a complete novice. I’ve been reading articles and training techniques and putting him on the basics of pitcher conditioning.

He still doesn’t push off his pivot foot much and his leg lift is really low, but thats why he gets so much command. I’m still helping with that.

Any coaching tips? Inside tricks and corners that i should know about? what SHOULDN’T i do?


He is a bit dense when it comes to reading, thats the reason he asked me in the first place. :lol:

I think the guy is using something very much like a slide-step, and if he’s getting good command with that delivery I wouldn’t mess with it. What you could help him with is getting his whole body into the action, using his legs, hips and torso to generate more power in his pitches. I learned to do that from watching three Yankee pitchers in the late 40s and early 50s; they were all doing the same thing, and I made a note of it and started working on it. While practicing this—and this is indeed a vital aspect of good mechanics—I found that I was throwing harder and faster, with less effort, than I had been doing—it took a lot of pressure off my arm and shoulder. That would certainly help with his firming up that front leg of his, not to mention lengthening his stride.
Another advantage of the slide-step: base runners can’t get a good jump on the pitcher, especially when the pitcher works fast. :slight_smile: