New Blog

Hey everyone I decided to start a blog to follow my training progress. My trainer said it is a great idea to track my success and to look back on it to keep me refreshed on everything I have done to get to the point I am now. I’ll try to update it daily and by the end of the week Im going to have some video footage of what we do when I go to the gym. Hope you all check it out from time to time.

Honestly…that is what the “Personal Pitching Log” is for in here, so much easier to track.

I’d have to disagree. This allows me to add much more content and allow me to connect to a bigger network of people. It also opens up many other opportunities.

Husk - do stop by from time to time back here on LTP!

And link us up on your blog! Good luck with your progress :slight_smile:


No problem Steve, I always visit the forums and try to post when I can to help others out. I’ll be updating it later today with some video footage on just a mini warm up that anyone can do.

I definitely agree with recording your workouts.

Yea I’ll be recording some upper body exercises, mostly push up variations that you can implement in your training program. Also I’ll be adding my first FRIDAY FILLING RECIPE OF THE WEEK,

Added Monster walk spotlight, great exercise for hip stabilization and abductor strength. Key for pitching power.

You can follow me on twitter @ to track all my updates.