New baseball spikes (for pitchers)

As the season quickly approaches, I’m looking to purchase a new pair a metal spikes. I guess my question is this… While I know purchasing one brand over another may be purely preference, is there any correlation between low/mid/high cut and safety / performance? Over the past few seasons I have worn a higher cut. I am giving serious consideration to going back to a traditional low cut cleat. Could you guys ring in with your experiences and preferences?

Also, if you have good / bad experiences with a certain spike please speak up and let us know about it. Thanks!

ive actually been wondering this too.
i only have experience with mizuno molded low-cut, under armour spike mid-cut, and underarmour spike low-cut.

first off the underarmours are 20x more comfortable than the mizunos, which is why ill never be buying mizunos again.

i also noticed NONE of them have a good toe for pitching, i ripped my right big toe about half way through the season with all of these cleats, so yea technically for about 1 and 1/2 years outta the last 3 ive been playing with a ripped toe :stuck_out_tongue:

I also felt the mid-cut felt extremly comfortable when playing but i expect low-cut is better for pitching because you have more mobility of your ankle.

and the last thing i noticed was when wearing my low-cut underarmours i actually cut both my laces because sometimes id trip over them because there is no tongue that covers the laces like on the mizunos

hopefully someone can come in and answer with some good insight

the nike with the clear things on the side for your team color to put in. they dont stay. looks terrible in my opinion.

the lower cut nike’s i bought have been working fine for me so far this season.

i dont like the nike shocks, especially in muddy conditions.

i think low cut and light weight are best!

I had the nike low and the mizuno mids last year and they were both very comfortable. Of course since I drag my toe so much I needed 2 pair last year.

Reebok have always been a favorite of mine … but in recent years, they’ve really reduced their offerings, which is too bad. Like many of you already said, Nike were a close second.

A few of you have touched on something that naturally is a concern for all of us, the toe area of our cleat. Are you guys treating your cleats with tuff toe or any type of protective cast/mold/cover? Steve, since I see you’ve read this thread I’ll direct this to your attention. Is there any science behind low cut cleat and performance / mobility? This will play an important role in ultimately deciding which cleat to purchase.

We did use the tuff toe a couple of years ago and I did get the rest of the season out of that pair. Looked a little weird but it worked .

Dicks clearance section at the end of the baseball season is how I roll. super cheap and not bad if you can get some nikes

Ive been wearing them for 3 years. Black for home games, white for away.