New baseball glove help, please

Let me preface this post by informing you that I’ve already searched the Baseball Fever website for other posts concerning baseball gloves and did not find the answer I was looking for in those posts.

I’m looking at a number of different baseball gloves to replace my floppy, paddingless old Roy Hobbs 12" baseball glove. Upon looking around the internet, I’ve narrowed my choices to the following:


[size=9]NOTE: The first link is to a Kangaroo leather Nokona, while the second is to a nearly identical glove with another type of leather.[/size]

Specifically, I’d like my new glove to be 12" open back and durable. Which of these gloves would you recommend and why. Please include how long it takes to break in the glove. I trust your opinions, and I thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.

Well–I’m not realy gonna be scientific or anything like that but I’d take the first one. I prefer black gloves and it costs less.

The glove I have is a Black 11 1/2 in. Heart of the Hide glove. It is the same one Derek Jeter uses. It is great. I have had it since I was 10. I have been using it for the past 6 years (spring summer and fall team) and it still looks and feels nearly brand new.

I’m sorry but the Nokona factory burnt down last week. So you could probley find one on Ebay probley not what you’re looking for so you’d probley go for the 1st one. But Nokona has better quatily gloves if you can find any.

Id take the first one.

I have a 13’’ Nike thats brown. Ive worn it in good and it feels so good. i cant play as well with any other glove

Wilson A2000 is the way to go. I just got a 11 3/4" and it’s great for pitching and SS. Great feel and pocket. Breaks in rather easily

rawlings heart of the hide.

Wilson A2000 1796-B! It is an awsome glove!!

Wilson A2000 is a good choice, but there is a problem with it, these gloves are not that sticky, You have to make them sticky by using different methods listed here: How to Make Baseball Gloves Sticky

I see B-Driven is also a good sleeve. I like the simple design, too many colors sometimes in the game can distract me. Wearing it even in the summer does not feel too hot. I’m looking into adding others.

Makeshift baseball arm sleeves are usually made out of elastic socks. If you find one that offers the right compression, cut the tip of the sock off to make the makeshift arm sleeve. One way I learned is to be able to make my own sleeve.