New at pitching

I’m new at pitching I usually play centerfield. I’d like some advice on how to pitch faster.

First off I’d like to welcome you to the LTP forum.

Now I want to tell you two things before I direct you toward help in the velocity department (I’m certainly not the guy you want to talk to regarding velocity.

  1. Velocity isn’t everything, remember you need to be able to hit spots, change the batter’s eye level, mix speeds and know how to keep runners close on the bases.

  2. Your request is a little bit vague, I suggest if you want to receive more replies that you add more detail.

Usually velocity (or a lack thereof) is a result of the pitcher’s individual mechanics. I’m not much of an expert as far as this goes but I’ll tell you what I know.

It’s not all about your arm even though that may be what you’ve come to understand. Truth is your legs and core are more important than your arm as far as the velocity goes. That doesn’t mean you should neglect your arm in workouts though as it is still very vulnerable to injury.

As far as specific workouts and mechanical tips I would talk to some of the other guys who have been around this forum a long time, such as Steven Ellis, Roger, buwhite and Zita.

Hi, Pustulio. A lot of what you were telling “New at Pitching” I set forth in answer to the adjoining inquiry about how to increase velocity. The same goes for both. :slight_smile: