New Article

Attention Pitching Coaches:

You must check out the August 2005 Strength and Conditioning Journal. The article is written by Jeffrey Jeran and Robert Chetlin. There is an article that focuses on the strength and stability of the pitching arm. It really gives coaches a good idea on how to keep pitchers arm healthy and strong. Also, they provide interesting stretches and exercises for coaches to incorperate with pitchers in practice. The article was VERY educational!!!

Agree 100%. Thanks for the post, Coach Kreber. Been a member of the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Assoc.) since 2001 and look forward to the Journals each month. Although most of the members here won’t be able to access the article because it’s for members only and available by subscription only on the website, here’s the full abstract on the article for reference purposes. I encourage you to check it out at your local public or school library.

Training the Shoulder Complex in Baseball Pitchers: A Sport-Specific Approach
Issn: 1533-4295 Journal: Strength and Conditioning Journal Volume: 27 Issue: 4 Pages: 14-31
Authors: Jeran, Jeffrey J., Chetlin, Robert D.
Article ID: 10.1519/1533-4295(2005)27[14:TTSCIB]2.0.CO;2