Never stepped on a mound

Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought! Today was realllly good. I actually chose to practice instead of going to a party today… I’m sure glad I did. At first, I was messing up a lot, but then I started to do really well (relatively). I’m going to post a video of my mechanics when I get home. I still feel really great and motivated. The ball was actually going where I wanted it to! I need to work on movement with my fastballs, though.


Today, I went to workout. Nothing much to say other than that I feel great, and I started adding some rotational core work into my workout routine.

Yesterday, Played catch and did longtoss with my friend. my throws are getting a lot better and stronger.

Good stuff,how’s TuffCuff going for ya? Are you using the throwing program in it?

It’s going good! I feel great. Well, I’m partially using it. For example, I can’t pitch off the mound like in the program, so I flat ground it instead.

Today, I just played catch with my little brother. I played around with my arm slot today. I have better control throwing sidearm.

You gotta find an armslot that works best for you and stick with it and develop it so that you’re consistent with it so you can have repeatable mechanics.

It doesn’t matter what your height is, for example Randy Johnson was 6’11" threw side arm, Joe Smith is 5’10" and throws side arm.

I’m just gonna go with 3/4. It just seems better for me. I throw breaking balls better from 3/4.

Today was just a workout day. I learned about 3x pitching today… really interesting stuff. I’m excited to try the 3x mechanics tomorrow. Wales, do you know any about the 3x pitching?

I read the guys site, it seems interesting, fairly new, no one that I know has actually used it.

It sounds too good to be true, too many “magic bullets” as you read his site.

I haven’t seen his actual program though so once you get past the big sales pitch that is his site it might actually be pretty decent.

Yeah that’s true. I’m not interested in buying the program right now, but the video with the mechanics showed some good points about triple extension. Tim Lincecum, Felix Hernandez, and other fast throwing pitchers use the mechanics he described.

I tried it today, and it was hard to get triple extension right before my lead leg lands. After all, im not on a mound. But when I did do it, I did feel more powerful in my throws. It might be just my imagination though. (This is why I’m getting a radar soon!)

Anyways, I pitched at my new Pitching Net for 2.5-3 hours today. Some people night say that’s too much throwing, but I feel really great. My arm wasn’t straining at all. I
I’m just listening to my arm.

Pitching or throwing for that long?

I can remember being a kid and going out and throwing for whole afternoons during the summer. It’s a good way to build arm strength. Be smart though and don’t push it.

Flat ground pitching. Yes sir, as soon as I feel real pain/discomfort I will stop.
Today, I was pitched at the net again. Getting a lot more accurate and faster. I’m feeling a lot more confident.

I am very, very disappointed… Missed like crazy today. Felt slower; didn’t hear my fastball’s usual woosh. Bad day. At one point, I completely forgot my pitching mechanics for a minute. And I started off fine.

I got back into my groove today. Started off with hitting, and then pitched after that. Didn’t miss nearly as much as yesterday. Still have a long way to go, though.

I did pretty good today, practicing pitching. Getting better and better with my control. I’m also getting a lot more focused at my target. My elbow kinda hurted when I threw hard though… (luckily only when I was throwing hard. It doesn’t hurt right now) I should take some good rest.

Take care of your elbow, its not a good thing if its hurting when you’re throwing hard. What are you doing to protect your shoulder and elbow?

By doing TuffCuff exercises, icing, and resting when I feel any pain. I have noticed the pain always occur when I longtoss. And whenever I had taken a break from it, my elbow felt fine.

You might be using too much arm in your LT sessions, although guys will tell you about Kimbrell on the Braves who used to LT on his knees when he broke his foot/ankle.

Are you using a crow hop?

Yep… but maybe I have something wrong with my form. Do you think I should post a video of me long tossing?

I’d say get video up of your mechanics.

The great thing about LT is it exposes your mechanical flaws.