Never stepped on a mound

I’m new to baseball, not just playing baseball, but new to baseball in general. About four weeks ago, I hated baseball. Then, I actually played it with my friends, and I began to find out what I was missing out on. I’m not one of those people who knows what all of those stats mean and what all of the rules are. But I do know that I really want to be a pitcher for my highschool team. I’m 14 years old, going into my freshman year. I’m really starting from scratch with no experience at all, so I figured keeping a log would be fun and will help me keep on track. Plus the feedback will be helpful.

The tryouts are in May, so I have a whole year to practice. That’s long enough for me. I’m willing to spend everyday working on becoming the best pitcher I can be. I plan to use Tuffcuff for a good throwing and workout program, analyze mechanics/techniques, study everything there is to pitching, and stretch to gain the flexibility a pitcher needs. Most people I know would say this is far fetched, since my highschool team is really good and have really high expectations. Heck, I don’t care what people say. Even if I don’t make the team for my Sophomore year, I will play on a Little League team and try again the next year.

Current “Stats”: (June 9, 2012)
Weight 143 lbs
Height 5’5"
Max Velocity I don’t know right now, I will get this soon. (I might get myself radar’d at a sports camp I’m going to.)
Control Pretty darn bad, I throw in the strike zone about 40% of the time.

Short term (1-2 Weeks) 6/13/12
Be able to throw in the strike zone more than half of the time.

Develop a good pitching mentality.

Be able to create unstoppable focus.

Mid Term (1-3 Months) 6/13/12
Learn how to consistently throw good Sliders, Changeups, and Two-Seams.

Throw in the strike zone 70% of the time.

Pitch with proper and consistent mechanics.

Long Term (Year) 6/13/12
Pitch consistently at least around 75-80 mph.

Work on pitching mechanics for at least 10 minutes everyday.

Good luck to you.

Work hard and stay focused.

I suggest you set up some short term goals that’ll help you achieve your long term goal.

Well you have the rest of the summer (are you on a team) and the fall ( need to find a coach with some serious patience and time) to get some games under your belt in order to get a little dirt under your feet.

Good Luck.

Yesterday, I pitched at a skinny tree in my friend’s backyard for an hour and a half. I worked on my mechanics, control, and focus. I also long tossed a bit during that session. I was more accurate than ever yesterday. I kinda shocked myself, haha. After that, I worked on flexibility. I asked my Bible Study teacher (who is a former pro pitcher) to for oppurtunities of fall ball. Hopefully I will get to play this fall.

I’ve been feeling kinda sick since last night, but it’s nothing too bad. Today, I worked with a normal ball and a weighted 7 oz ball. I did long toss, then pitched around 35-40 times (would have done more, but my little brother got lazy, haha. I need a pitching net), then the wrist drill, and last of all, the stride drill.

I feel like crap. Practice today was terrible. I did some kong toss and pitched a bit. I was so innacurrate today, and it felt like my form got a bit worse overnight. I feel sick right now. Maybe that’s why. Or maybe it’s because of the high-rep (25+) arm workouts at football.

If you’re serious about Baseball and trying to make your HS team I’d scrap the football.

Different weight training can kill your shoulder. It happens all the time guys get injured don’t know why then they do the research and find out all the lifting they did for football was a contributing factor to their injury.

Yeah, I’m gonna quit. I just don’t have any motivation for football anymore; only baseball. The only reason why I went to practice today was to see what they were doing and to be with my friends. Are you using Tuffcuff? Is it effective?

I have used TuffCuff in the past it was helpful.

I know quite a few guys who have used it and benefited from it.

Still feel sick. I get killer headaches every now and then. I’m ready to get better already so I can pitch tomorrow. Anyways, today, I went to workout. I did light and heavy weight lifts for my arms and core. I also did some heavy squats.

I FINALLY ordered Tuffcuff. I can’t wait for it to come in. I’m tired of wondering whether my workouts are any good for a pitcher.

Anyways, I feel a lot better today. I’m not sick anymore, really. Just those annoying dry coughs. Practice today was pretty great. I practiced some fielding, long tossed, threw weighted baseballs, and pitched at a chair. My control is getting a lot better. I threw in the strike zone probably about 40% of the time. Although that’s still terrible, it’s a large improvement for me, haha.

Keep working hard at it.

Felt really sick again today. When I went for a warmup jog today before I practiced, my mind couldn’t even focus. I had a headache and I felt dizzy. My mind was drifting away so much today. If there had been cars driving in my neighborhood, I’m pretty sure I would have been run over, haha. I was just real out of it. I definitely couldn’t have practiced. I just gotta wait this sickness out and hang it there, I guess.

And Wales, thanks for all of the encouragement so far! It really means a lot. Not many people are rooting for me on this, so every word counts!

P.S. Yesterday, practice went pretty good. I also learned some very valuable points to pitching mechanics through some research online. I’m getting more and more understanding of them everyday.

Hopefully you get better. Have ya went to the doc yet?

How do you feel on days that you’re not practicing? I’m just wondering if it could be nerves.

Thanks for the kind words, I’ve been where you’re at and went through it. Just keep working hard and stay focused.

Thank you. Yeah, I went yesterday, and he gave me some really good medicine. Well, on non-practice days, I feel less mentally tired and my arm feels less stressed.

Anyways, today, I couldn’t throw much because of the rain. I did throw around 30 times in the rain at least. It’s better than nothing. I couldn’t have stayed too long in the rain because I’m already sick, haha.

I suggest you read the following books it’ll help you with the mental approach to the game

Head’s Up Baseball Ken Ravizza Tom Hanson ISBN 1-57028-021-5
The Mental ABC’s of Pitching H.A. Dorfman ISBN 1-888698-29-2
The Mental Game of Baseball H.A. Dorfman and Karl Kuehl ISBN 1-888698-54-3

Okay, I will check those out.

My TuffCuff copy came in today. I’m pretty excited to use the workouts, warm-ups, stretches, etc. Anyways, today I went to the gym and worked out. I did my usual legs & arms workout. I wish my TuffCuff came in before I went to work out, though. After I worked out, I pitched a little bit. I pitched about 15-20 times before I realized that my arms and legs were way too tired.

I am adding some goals to the original post.

My cousin is getting on my nerves. She always tries to discourage me and I don’t know why. She always laughs when ever I mess up, and thinks that I won’t be able to achieve my goals. There’s another reason to make the team.

Good goals, but I’d focus on velocity, your change up and a two seamer before worrying about a breaking ball.

Don’t let your cousin bother you. Keep focused on your goals and keep working hard.

Thank you! Yeah, good idea.

Today I went to work out, following the TuffCuff routine. I felt really good today. I felt pumped up, and psyched to work out. I can say that I’m pretty much not sick anymore. I just overall feel really amazing and motivated. It’s one of those moments where I just wanna scream, “I WILL make the team!” Hahaha, I’m a weirdo.

Remember that feeling and use it as motivation especially when things seem tough