Never satisfied

I just won a big playoff game in my fall league. Yeah. Great. And while I did pretty well and everone’s telling me how good I am, I can’t help but kick myself about a few things.

First, though I only gave up one run in 9 innings, I walked way too many guys.

Second, in the last inning, we had a 2-1 lead and I walked the leadoff guy and then plunked the second guy. It was as if I was about to just go and blow the whole season right there.

Then I struck out the next guy and got the next guy on a grounder double play. Game over. But I never should have lost focus and let it get so dangerous in that last inning.

While part of me is impressed with myself for an overall strong performance, another part is frustrated that I made mistakes. This is not to say that I’m a perfectionsit, but I guess I just have high expectations.

Anyone know about the approach some major leaguers take when assessing their past performances?

Whoa. You are definitely being too hard on yourself. It’s admirable that you realize your shortcomings but man, just think about the guts and determination you showed after putting 2 guys on, then coming back to sit em down. Now that’s pitching!!!

Excellent job.

Hey don’t be to hard on yourself. Big time people make big time plays. You showed determination and perserverance to win and you pulled through. Don’t kick yourself on the little plays. Little plays don’t win ball games unless they add up. Sounds like you did great. Nice job! :smiley:

Jeeze, reading back my post, it’s clear I’m being too hard on myself, yes. It almost seems like I was fishing for compliments. No no, not the case, but thanks, guys.

I just think there’s always gonna be pitches that you want to have back. Like: ‘I can’t beleive I threw that hanging curve on 1-2’ etc.

But the point is that you’ve always gotta be aware of what you can do better. I remember once reading Greg Maddux saying something like “you learn absolutely nothing when you’re on and you’ve got your best stuff”… he said something like that, I’m paraphrasing.

Conversely, how do you mentally process getting rocked? It’s kind of strange. I think it’s best to just try and forget about it, but also realize what it is that got you hit. It’s like, put the result out of your head, but keep the learned-strategy in your next game plan. Yes, forget it & remember it. It’s not impossible. :shock:

You should never stop looking for ways to improve. But you also need to give yourself credit for your accomplishments. Recognize your success as that feeds your confidence.

Gotta remember that adjustment is the key. Ask the questions, why did it happen? Were you nibbling? Bad pitch selection? What was your pitch sequence stategies going into the inning, did you have to adjust on that? Over/under aggressive? Going to the school of Greg is a big help, keep in mind that he is his best/worse critic, he reviews what he did, understands where he needs to adjust, makes the change and moves on. Emphasis on, moves on, he’d probably go shoot a round of golf and forget about it. Must always put it behind you, that is the attitude of a pitcher