Never had help before

ive never had anyone critique my mechanics so just wondering what you guys think. pick out everything you see, thanks.

I’m not a critiquer…er…er guy. Are you experiencing issues?
The video is tough for angle and no mound…
My first thought is you look a little robotic, not smooth. I’d really like to see you off of a mound.

im struggling with control
and just like everyone else wanting a lil more veloicity lol
i know that will come with workouts and drills

Like JD said, tough angle to analyze from. But it does look to me like you pull your glove and that appears to cause shoulder rotation to occur too soon, IMHO. That will reduce hip and shoulder separation and, therefore, a bit of velocity.

I see that your release is not in sync with the stiff front leg. You actually are releasing the ball just as you start to land on the leg, the ball is long gone as the leg stiffens. I suggest working on landing and releasing as the leg stiffens. This will put more snap on a fastball and break to a curve, but also it can dictate the release as well. I will say that your control problems can come from stepping so far to the side and not being balanced before delivery. Moving that far to the side and not getting your body balanced back under you can lead to control problems, though I am not discounting Roger’s analysis of being squared to the target. I Suggest that you step to the side come back and stop with your leg kicked up in a balanced position. This makes sure you are composed before delivery, and most importantly for velocity’s sake, get your release in sync with the stiff front leg :slight_smile:

That robotic thing I mentioned can also be attributable to aiming, which means control problems.
Getting your hips moving means that you can actually, with good timing get to that leg position that jlspencer mentioned. The trouble is, this being flat ground, you may actually have proper timing on a mound where your momentum and grade will cause your foot to get down on time.
This is a video I use to show some drill stuff, it has several of Houses common things (I recommend you work on the 2nd and 3rd)…after looking at it, look at the 2nd vid. It’s a pre-game pen my son did last season, look at the way he is relaxed and smooth and compare it to your motion, see if that gives you a little better feel of what we’re trying to get to, consider it and see if you want to try to integrate it into what you’re doing…then get on a mound and send us an update ok?

In addition to what has been said -

Your head lifts up just when your about to end you pitching motion with your shoulders and pitching arm. This unconscious tilting of the head back is common with pitchers trying to over-throw the ball. A common problem with players who are “trans-plants” from other positions, especially outfielders with cannons for an arm … then trying to command the pitcher’s position.

Keep you head stable from beginning to end by concentrating on your chin staying somewhat fixed to the bottom of your neck. Don’t exaggerate this by stiffing your neck or pressing the chin against your chest - just be relaxed and deliberately concentrate on head and chin stability. The main thing here is to keep your head DOWN and not letting the head look up momentarily - during the release.

Once you’ve incorporated this - along with the other suggestions, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that doesn’t contribute to a lot of your control and other issues.

In any event, you look very strong, athletic, and have good power.

Coach B.

How hard did you initially throw?

Roger, how bout a postural issue here? no? Seems to me his shoulders aren’t rotating around a straight spine, or one that’s even close to straight. My opinion, I’d try to keep your chin over your right knee through release. It appears the posture issue is starting right after knee lift with a lean back. Stay tall.

right now im sitting around 75mph consistantly (flat ground)
and as for the leaning backwards, i have found that to be the only way to have half decent command, i have other videos before i started leaning if you guys would like to see those and maybe i should go back to that?

No don’t “go back”. What you want to do is build on what you have. Start with fundementally delivering the ball first. Getting clocked on flat ground is ok but doesn’t translate to the mound at all. For purposes of analysis find yourself a mound that you can get filmed off of by a camera on a tri-pod. This vid is not ultimately helpful but can get you started on the right path.