Nervousness at the Plate!

So far during the summer season I haven’t gotten a single hit. i have no batting average! During practice, I can hammer the ball. I go in the batting cage and I hit anything that comes my way. But during a game, I step up to the plate and it doesn’t matter who’s pitching, how easy they are to hit or whatever, I get extremely nervous and can’t do anything right. I’ll watch meat pitches go by for a strike but swing at balls way out of the strike zone. Another thing I have trouble with is I always watch the first pitch go by and that’s screwing me up. Most of the time, that’s the only good pitch I’ll get. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. I’m not afraid of the ball, at least, I don’t think I am. Could somebody please help me?

i will try to help u the best that i can. Ok when ur up to bat dont think of it as nervous or important…even if its important clear the bad thoughts out of your head and just think have making solid contact with the ball. Dont take heavy swings at the ball just take nice controlled swings and try to make contact… Dont be nervous just invision just hitting the ball hope it helps any :smiley: :roll:

Well Alex Davis,

Just try to be confident in your abilities. Once you become more confident you will hit better, and then the pitchers will fear you, instead of vice-versa.

Just have fun. thats what summerball is for having fun. Not tryin to win a state championship your just there for fun. remember that

In Wyoming it’s for a championship as there isn’t HS Baseball.