Nervous for Showcase

I’m going up to a showcase soon and I really have no idea how I stack up against the other guys going. I am an incoming Senior (I’m a lefty) and hit around 80 with a developing curve and change as well as a nice tailing 2 seamer. I really want to make a good impression on the coaches there because they areall from colleges I am interested in attending. Part of me is excited to go and part of me is very nervous about how I’ll do. I keep thinking that my curve will be off or my change wont drop enough velocity, or I’ll get hammered in game or my velocity is horrible ocmpared to the other pitchers. I really want to play college ball and I feel that this is my best (and maybe only) opportunity to get seen by some coaches and possibly don’t have to just walk on a team being completely unknown by the coaching staff. I don’t know what to focus on at the showcase and any advice would be appreciated - thanks.

Thinking negative thoughts won’t help. Instead, visualize yourself throwing each of your pitches well. Visualize yourself hitting your spots. visualize yourself having success.

Also, you can’t control how you’ll stack up to the others because you have no control over those others. So don’t worry about them. Just go out there and do your thing the best you can.

Try to have fun.

Good advice Roger.

Also, alot of younger athletes need to understand it’s ok and natural to get nervous. That just means that you care about what you want to happen. I still get nervous before every start! You don’t have to try to control your nerves, just accept them.

There’s a big difference between real nervousness and just “butterflies”. The latter is something just about every pitcher, regardless of level, experiences now and then—and frankly, I think of this as not “butterflies” but the adrenaline getting going, revving up for the start of the game—like the motor of a car. That’s normal and human, nothing to worry about.
When you get out there on the mound, take a moment to focus on what you want to accomplish. When I used to pitch, many moons ago, I would get out there on the rubber and just imagine how I would make the batters look very stupid with the stuff I had! And I would have a brief conference with my catcher. And then I would make it happen. One thing I always kept in mind—something my pitching coach used to tell me: “Get the ball over the plate and make the batters hit it. Make them go after your pitch, what you want them to hit.” And I would do this by starting them off with a good breaking pitch (in my case it was a very nasty, sharp-breaking slider which always used to catch them off balance).
Above all—have fun. What you want to do is show everybody what you can do, and that’s always fun. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

Do colleges put a lot of weight on Junior year statistics? I had an unfortunate year and my stats don’t reflect the skill level I will be able to offer a college but I’m not sure how heavily they weight these stats vs. video and showcases etc?