Nervous - Don't Worry About it


You take the mound and your nervous, no make that very nervous. Your bullpen session didn’t go that well, there’s hecklers in the bleachers that’s really getting to you, that chili that you had last night is calling again, and the lineup that you’re about to face is going to light you up big time. What 'a gonna do?
Have your backstop take his place behind the plate with a piece of paper that folded in half. The top portion is stuck to his chest protector with tape or something. When he undoes the top folded portion, it unfolds the length of his chest protector and displays this:
If you both don’t get tossed, you’ll have a good time, regardless of what comes next.


In retrospect, I should have qualified this posting for those considering this as something doable.

In my situation, the organization that I was with had issues that went far beyond the field. Without going deeper into that subject, I thought adding a little levity to our taking the field, knowing what we did, would be considered… " what’s it going to hurt" Well, it did hurt. The things that followed that move was way beyond what I and others expected. The repercussion of which followed everyone involved for some time.

Unless you’re playing a pickup game, fooling around on a back lot, without official umpires and such - I guess it’s ok - but then you’d better be sure of yourself and the temperament of those around you.

Fun can be fun, but being disrespectful of someone in authority is wrong and can’t be justified now matter how hard one tries. Trust me on this one.