Need to put on weight- allergic to nuts

Ive been looking to put on weight for a while to potentially help me put on muscle. My fastball tops at about 80 and i weight about 125 and am about 6 feet tall. I dont know anything about weightgainers or anything like that it just seems a bit unhealthy. Ive seen alot of shake recipes but they all involve some sort of peanut products or almonds or some sort of nut which is an issue for someone who is allergic to nuts. Any ideas for recipes? or any input about weightgainers? I need help soon I think some weight and muscle could be the true difference in getting me on varsity or not towards the end of this year and especially next year.

I will try to help you out here bud…
If you are allergic to nuts…that’s no shame…of course they do help, but they’re not great for weight gain.

What you have to get use to is how you should be eating.
The best way to put on weight, and the proper way to eat go hand in hand.
It’s best for a person, anybody, to eat 5-7 meals a day.

The best thing for you is to be eating lots of clean chicken breast(clean being skinless/boneless) with potatoes or rice.

You can get isolate protein powder to switch things up as well…
But, you don’t have to worry at all about the no nuts factor…just learn to love potatoes and rice, and u’ll pack it on no matter what.

Eat every 2-3 hours…5-7 meals a day…and u’ll pack it on no problem.


Ya that definitely sounds like a good meal plan. I eat that exact meal probably twice a week. The hard part right now with school and all is eating those meals every 2 or 3 hours. Plus with games after school its hard to catch some healthy grub till about dinner time. But thanks for that tip it certainly makes sense to me.

well, no matter how busy your schedule is, you have to find time to eat properly, especially as a pitcher. You have to maintain a certain balance in your body in order to perform optimally at all times.

The best thing to do is just prepare all of your meals for a week one day, perhaps sunday. It’s easy to boil a ton of potatoes, and boil your chicken, and just buy some cans of tuna…and open them up and put them in glad containers or something.

It’s easy to do, just take lots of effort and organization. This is just one simple step on the way to staying determined with your baseball career.

This is a choice though, if you wonder what seperates you from the rest, it will be your level of determination. On and off the field.


If anyone would like a breakdown for a meal plan, feel free to send me a PM

just look up body building nutrition… im on and its extremely helpful and has helped me out alot, since i mean im also like u really thin 6’2" 155lbs and i also top out at 80mph so i mean gaining weight and strength has to boost the velocity.

jboosh, i’m deathly allergic to nuts as well. i’ve found that aside from sports bars and stuff there’s still a lot you can eat. the main thing if you’re trying to gain weight is just try to up your calories. i usually supplement my diet with a protein shake sometime between meals, which is just whey protein and milk.

nuts are really great for protein and good fats, which unfortunately guys like you and I can’t eat but i replace them with pre-shelled sunflower seeds, which I believe are very similar in terms of nutrition.