Need to learn to teach pitching

My son and I are moving up to his first live pitching league this year. I’m his coach, I’ve got a pile of boys (ha, literally sometimes!) who have never pitched before, who all have dreams of being Justin Verlander or Nate Robertson, and I want to teach them to do it properly. (Guess where I live.) I will not be teaching them to throw like Dontrelle, LOL.

Anyway, I read through most of the posts here and didn’t see a question quite like mine, but I did pick up some great snippets…such as just leave them in the stretch, don’t bother with the windup. That’s a cool idea. Two pitches is plenty, I agree.

I need some help locating great resources on teaching 11 and 12 year old boys how to pitch for the first time. Amazon has a pile of books, there’s a LittleLeague DVD on pitching (their fielding and hitting DVDs are excellent, IMO) and a bunch of advanced stuff on the web. I’d like to get a couple good books or something, and I’ll also be coming back here as often as I have questions.

Thanks, and I’m really looking forward to teaching the boys something new and hoping the glacier in my driveway melts pretty soon so we can go outside and start throwing.

I recommend checking out the National Pitching Association (NPA) books and videos. You can find them][b]here[/b
. In particular, check out the book, The Art and Science of Pitching.