Need to know types of pitches i can throw

in going to start pitching this year and i need to learn types of pitches, my brother used to play in travel as pitcher but i cant get any help since he went to college so i have no clue what pitches i can throw i throw around mid 50’s and low 60’s so can anybody answer this question and can they explain some pitches.(i also dont know the fastball) please answer i want to make my brother and my coach proud(he use to be my brother’s coach)
oh! and im 12 5’4’’ and i weigh about 116

At your age - and especially since you’re just beginning - you should work on the fastball and change-up. Once you have decent control with these pitches then it will be time to add in a 3rd pitch.

how do i throw the fastball and change up

Start by going here
and learning the grips.

Throw the fastball by keeping the hand behind the ball. You should get backspin on the ball that aligns with your arm slot.

There are multiple grips for throwing the change-up. In addition to the two that are described in the articles referred to above, you can also simply put three fingers on the ball instead of two and you can grip the ball deeper in the palm. You have to figure out which grip works best for you. I would start by trying the circle change grip. The idea behind the change-up is to disrupt the batter’s timing by fooling him into thinking you’re throwing a fastball. So, you throw the change-up just like the fastball but let the grip reduce the velocity.

the thing that every great pitcher needs is control and command of 3 pitches. 1. Able to command your four seam fastball. 2. command and movement of some sort of breaking pitch such as curveball, slider, or 12-6 curveball. 3. You command of an off speed pitch such as change up, circle change up, or forkball. Then you can add one or two more pitches that you can command suck as splitter, sinker, cutter, screwball, or two seam fastball.

Kartist7? The young man is 12…there is absolutely no need to throw a 12/6 curveball at his age. Strongwill, there have been some very good comments here about learning to control your Fastball and Change and I totally agree with that. If you can throw a 60 mph fastball, hit your spots high, low, inside and outside then take 10 mph off that and throw a 50 mph changeup you will be able to go a long way. As you finish growing find a coach that understands what it means to protect your arm and understands about the possible injuries you can get by throwing a 12/6 curveball at 12. Eventually you will need a 3rd and possibly 4th pitch but let a knowledgeable coach that knows “you” suggest what and when.